Connect 4

Connect 4 is a great traditional game! Easy to play and for the whole family, we can offer a range of different sized sets for any location and occasion! From a table set (the Mini 4) which stands 32cm high, to the Big 4 which stands an immense 120cm high. We also offer the Connect 4 sets in either wood (a gorgeous English Ash and Rosewood), to more plastic versions. Connect 4 is easy to learn, a great way for children to learn and will provide hours of fun for all the family!

Mega 4
Uber Games
Price: £170.00
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The Mega 4 is great traditional Garden Game - at 100cm it can be played either indoors or outdoors and can be used by the whole family. Each of the coins has a diameter of 13cm can be stored in the nylon bag which is included. The Giant 4 is the same as Connect 4, and is Uber Games' biggest Connect 4 type game

  • Mega 4 
  • Mega 4 With Wheels (+£30.00)

Big 4
Garden Games
Price: £137.99
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The Big 4 is great traditional game which has been turned into a Giant Garden Game. Standing 1.2 metres high, it will provide hours of fun for the whole family, and is big enough to be a fantastic centrepiece. The Big 4 set has a wooden frame, and plastic coins - all manufactured to withstand the elements.