Uber Wooden Skittles
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Uber Wooden Skittles


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Skittles is a great traditional game that can be played by the whole family. The skittles (otherwise known as wooden pins) are excellent quality hardwood making them especially hard wearing and beautiful, with a bright red painted top of the "King Pin". The three red painted strong wooden balls complete this wonderful garden skittle set in fine style.

Skittles can be played almost anywhere, and is a game that can be improvised and played by all members of the family wherever desired. 

The nine skittles are placed in a diamond formation, with the King Pin in the middle. Players (or teams) then take it in turns to throw their ball underarm at the skittles. Officially skittles is played at 9 yard distance, but this is flexible and can be changed depending on who is playing and where. Players are awarded points for knocking down the skittles, and the highest point scorer wins.

This skittle set comes in it's own nylon carry case, is easily transportable and will provide hours of fun, both indoors and outdoors.

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