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Kubb is a great throwing game, which originated in Sweden. It can be played by two individuals, or by teams of people, so makes a great family game. It can also be setup and played anywhere, either indoors or outdoors, so is perfect for a range of occasions.

The idea of the game is to knock over your opponent's Kubbs (or Knights) and then once you have done that, to knock over the King. To knock over the Kubbs and King, each team has batons or throwing stocks. The game can be made more tactical by having the knocked down Kubbs from your opponent added to yours, so that they have to knock down even more Kubbs before they get to the King.

Our Kubb set is made from varnished hardwood giving both a great finish and durability

- 1 king with red top – 30 x 9 x 9cm
- 6 throwing stocks – 30cm x 4.5cm diameter
- 10 knights – 15cm x 7cm x 7cm
- 4 wooden corner poles
- Canvas transport / storage bag
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